-I'm scrapping the old Basic AI testing interface and creating the entire system again from scratch. The old system and interface was incomplete and buggy, I definately tried to rush through it and so with this new attempt I am being particularly meticulous in the system design, programming, and also increasing the general readability and commenting within the source. A working alpha should be ready soon (I'm alreayd deep into the coding phase) and will be posted in CVS, I'll put notification here and on the SF project page whenthe CVS module is updated.

-I'm encountering difficulties in the design process of the developing AI structure, mostly revolving around the basic method that is going to be used for organizing the objects and how in-depth the objects should become. This relates more specifically to decisions such as the breakdown of the brain and body (whether organs will actually be created as objects) and also whether objects should be more focused toward a greater number of very specific, job oriented objects with large emphasis on communication or towards large objects more focused on interpreting data. The final outcome would be the same either way once the structure is fully developed but until then, this starting process will determine the speed and authenticity with which the structure is created.

-Development of developing AI testing interface has begun. I've decided that for this phase I'm going to try and mimic human processes in and attempt tog ain a better understanding of how al the objects should communicate and interact. Not entirely sure yet, but it seems that the structure of this will involve a great deal of inheritance.

-New pre-alpha releases in dAI_releases CVS module on sourceforge.
-Latest modules contain a different structure of how the objects are organized. I have ridden myself of a wretched number of pointers (most notably the large 2D array of pointers to my AI objects which was used for the world) and replaced it all with a single object for world AND (this is exciting for me) a linked list within the world object that contains all current AI objects. This large-scale modification should allow for much greater expandability in the program.

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