The focus of this project is to work toward the creation of as realistic a system of artifical intelligence as possible. The idea behind the system which will be created is that of determinism (as opposed to some skewed suggestions by quantum theory and primarily as opposed to random theory) which maintains that everything that will ever happen in the universe was determined at the moment it "began". Considering the structure of a deterministic universe, it can be derived about intelligence, including human intellilgence, that it is as predictable as anything else, you just need to know all the facts. With mimicking the processes of such intelligence, the greatest science to base the mathematics from is Psychology and the presence of psychological drives and influences within the aritifical intelligence itself. When such factors are used to drive and affect a system, the more detailed and complex the system becomes, the more similar to human intelligence such a system would reach.

This project will begin with the desgin of a very basic system with a random seed to drive the factors which aren't being accounted for and then as time and programming go by, the system is expected to eventually evolve into a complex intelligent "being" with the most important goal of suppressing and then getting rid of the random seed. As the system becomes more complex, the reliance upon the random seed will decrease since the factors which the seed accounts for will be individually included as part of the system themselves. As a very distant goal, the focus of the project specifically turns toward eliminating the existence of any random factor at all within the system and thereby creating a deterministic structure of intelligence which will without a doubt then have the ability to evolve and become equal to a human intelligence, essentially "creating" a human mind. The easiest way to visualize this is to compare the human mind to a computer, you will find amazing similarities.

The project is to be programmed using C/C++, the inclusion of other languages is not planned currently. The project is planned to evolve through the following course (three types of systems, Basic (heavy use of random seed), Developing (much lower use of random seed), Complex (an ongoing state of evolution in which the random seed will grow less and less important as factors are continually accounted for)):
Basic AI Test & Developing AI Test > Basic AI Architecture > Basic AI Testing Interface > Developing AI Architecture > Developing AI Testing Interface > Complex AI Architecture > Complex AI Testing Interface.

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