Long-term Project Goals
-Complete testing stage development: INCOMPLETE
-Construct a developing AI structure: INCOMPLETE
-Develop advanced AI structure: INCOMPLETE
-Continue ongoing AI development: INCOMPLETE

Short-term Project Goals
Testing Stage
-Develop methods of implementation of linked lists: ACCOMPLISHED
-Develop basic AI structure: INCOMPLETE
-Construct developing AI model: INCOMPLETE
-Begin implementation of developing AI structure into testable interface: INCOMPLETE
-Complete stable developing AI structure implementation: INCOMPLETE
-Finish development of a stable developing AI structure: INCOMPLETE
Architectural Development Stage
-Begin Development of expandable developing AI architecture: INCOMPLETE
-Complete "stable" beta architecture: INCOMPLETE
-Finish development of stable, expandable, developing AI architecture: INCOMPLETE
-Begin expansion of developing AI architecture into advanced AI architecture: INCOMPLETE
-Complete development of stable, expandable, advanced AI architecture ready for implementation: INCOMPLETE

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