-Major development changes, I've decided that the Basic AI Test previously completed wasn't sufficient in it's design, notably lacking some major AI factors and quite buggy. I am restarting this phase with a new base architecture to allow for greater expandability and more dynamics.

-The design phase on the developing AI structure is underway, I've run into a couple of snags in finding time to work on it and also in the actual design process, see Progress for details.

-Beginning construction of developing AI structure, see Progress or visit the Project Home Page and check out the news.

-Sorry for long wait on site update, been extremely busy lately but I'm now finding the time.
-Added new CVS releases for a lovely unstable AI testing release (this is pre-alpha stage 1 development).
-Currently looking for any developers with C++ (preferably also OOP) experience or willing to learn C++/OOP. If interested, contact the Head Project Developer.

-Site design completed, will be filling with content regarding the project over the next week.

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